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Gregg Bartell: About

Folks familiar with the music of Gregg Bartell know him as a “Jewish” songwriter, due, understandably to the release of The Life We Learn With. It has had a great response so far; both critically and popularly, as well as gaining licensing arrangements.
The real test of a composer, however, is the ability to embrace other genres. Gregg is no exception. He has, in fact written much in the (for lack of a better term) contemporary-classical vein, though none has been recorded – until now.
Gregg has always felt that all music should be accessible and evocative. He writes straight from his musical insides, and never for a particular audience. The object is “to set down the next best note”.
This new album: “I Blessed the Storm that Brought Me”, is not only significant as a departure from the previous album, but portends the kind of quality Gregg’s audience can expect going forward. The anticipation is, he will gain new listeners outside of those seeking ethnic or world music.
The new work is not exactly classical or pop or jazz or blues, but it is all of these.
Let’s just call it music.

A Fresh Cup of Music:
"A Soul Can Find a Home Here"